Absorption is a Diamond

The Buddha said to Subhuti, “This is how the bodhisattva mahasattvas master their thinking. However many species of living being there are-whether born from eggs, from the womb, from moisture, or spontaneously; whether they have form or do not have form; whether they have perceptions of do not have perceptions; or whether it cannot be said of them that they have perceptions or that they do not have perceptions, we must lead all these beings to the ultimate nirvana so that they can be liberated. And when this innumerable, immeasurable, infinite number of beings have become liberated, we do not, in truth, think that a single being has been liberated.

From The Diamond Sutra shared in “The Diamond that cuts through Illusion” by Thich Nhat Hanh

Hang on a minute, what? There are no beings? Well what was the point of all that then??? But I get it because my perception is dividing up all those beings, distinguishing suffering from non-suffering, better from worse etc. But that stuff is so real! And a lot of it pisses me off! And why does everything take so long, can’t we just optimise all this process of making things better and get it cracking? How on earth do I shift from there. and my ego is making me feel like SHIT today. I guess we are really in for a fistfight. Maybe the sauna will help me meditate my way out of this one. Ok have settled down, got a nice posture, shoulders back nice straight spine. Damn it it’s hot AF in here, usually that’s really soothing but why does it just feel stifling today??? Maybe I’ll go back to the spa. I’m just being soft on myself though the sauna is where the real hard work happens. But, hey, look at that strip light reflecting in the water. It’s dancing. sometimes it’s a straight line but then the water makes it curl around, sometimes the ripples smash it to pieces but it comes back together again. Sometimes all the arms of the line curl out into fractals, but sometimes it’s just a bar. [three minutes pass looking at the strip light] Wait where was anything while I was looking at that strip light? Where was the mission? Where was the journey? Where was I? Where were you? Wh….



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