I Really Have No Idea What’s Going On

Hamish Lindop
2 min readFeb 21, 2022

And neither do you. Once we both accept it we’re in for a ride.

So maybe a bunch of people jack up to the internet with their brains using the Brain Computer Interface technology that’s being developed as we speak, and become a hive mind meta-intelligence, and transcend space and time.

Or maybe we realise that cities aren’t the way to go and devolve power and scale away from nation states back to small, many, and connected collectives developing genuine trust, collaboration, and a sustainable life in tune with the planet at the scale of 50–100 people.

Or maybe larger scale states become more intelligent, humane, empathetic, distributed, and empowering using technologies like blockchain to help create greater global/local trust and transparency to the point that things work at a large scale and a small scale and everything at the same time.

Maybe increasingly disruptive feedback loops from the environment like coronaviruses, climate change events, etc. cause the more and more precarious current order of neoliberal extractive surveillance capitalism to collapse in on itself.

Or maybe the current order uses the advanced technologies and current power leverage to entrench itself deeply and make the “gated communities” on steroids of the future, while the 99% fight it out for the scraps in a race to the bottom.

Or, if we take all of these paragraphs as a kind of multichoice question, maybe all of the above, or “other: please describe”, or some of the above but in weird combinations and permutations that none of us has thought of. In Māori belief, Te Kore is the void of limitless potential that exists before creation begins to take shape. The future right now feels like a void of limitless potential. I want to know this unknowing, be certain of this uncertainty.

Although the sum of human knowledge is greater than it has been in the past, the scope of our seeing is so limited. Each of us blindfolded, reaches out and feels the elephant’s foot, or its trunk or its ear, and thinks an elephant is “footness” or “trunkness”, or “earness”.

What might be possible if more of us spent more time operating from a sense of generative unknowing? Do you want to dive into the void of limitless potential with me?



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