In Love

Hamish Lindop
2 min readFeb 14


I read Thich Nhat Hanh in “The Diamond that Cuts through Illusion”:

And I am struck again by the depth of his compassioned enlightenment, forged out of incredible pain. And I am spurred onwards and downwards, to heal and to peel away.

So I lie down, put my hands on my heart,

tap into the infinite healing process that’s going on all the time,

begin to feel all the layers of love,

and first it feels like soil, fertility, leaves, photosynthesis,

and then it feels like clouds, and boundless sky, and light

and then it feels like the sun, and constantly splitting atoms,

and the sub-atomic particles inside those atoms,

and then it comes back closer, to those that I find challenging in my life,

and I find the love inside the layers of hurt and disappointment and ego attachment,

and all of those things begin to heal,

and then I find one memory buried in a relationship that’s just too painful, so I stop to grieve it,

and then feel the other one’s pain, and grieve the hurt behind that pain, and draw them closer in my heart,

and then as Buddha instructed, I let go of all signs,

and drop, drop, drop, let go, let go, let go,

into an infinitely deep pool of signless love,

that is caught by no worldly dimensions,

and I drop, drop, course, course,

But eventually I get tired.

I roll over, and try to get some sleep,

and I’m mindful of how foolish and human I’ll still be tomorrow,

but hopefully slightly more vulnerable, slightly more open, slightly more loving, slightly more tolerant.

But getting to sleep doesn’t work, so I get up and write this.

Gate Gate Para Gate Para Sam Gate Bodhi Swaha!



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